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LENZI is the market leader in Traditional Lighting.

Founded in 1933 by Léopold Lenzi as a small and modest company specialized in "hollow-ware, iron sheet & body work ", it was only 20 years later, at the time of the major restoration program of the sites and monuments of Paris, that the company became oriented in public lighting systems. Owners of the “Paris lighting system restoration” market, Lenzi who employed the best specialists dedicated to make the most complex components, needed to rapidly manufacture entire ranges of products since the installations of the Champs-Elysées, the avenue of the Opéra, the rue de Rivoli, the classified site of Montmartre, the Place of the Concorde, the Marais, the Palais Royal, were such successes.

Since the start of Lenzi, a fruitful collaboration was established with the Management Des Beaux-Art and the EDF (electrical board), determining the basic designs of a range of lighting systems that would become famous throughout France and Europe. Breaking deliberately away from mass-production and for the first time reconciling esthetics and technique , these products, adapted to each circumstance, could finally resolve the difficult problem of integrating lighting systems with the surrounding environment, even if this one was not classified. Thus creating a new neologism from apparently contradictory terms, Lenzi launched an expression which would characterize exactly their activities: PUBLIC TRADITIONNAL LIGHTING WITH STYLE.

Lenzi offers a complete choice of stylish external lighting products which range from over one hundred iron-worked or foundrylanternsconsolesbracketsbouquets, iron, cast iron, wood, steel, and aluminum candelabrum. Our Lanterns, formerly made for gas and oil, are today fitted with the most efficient and innovative electrical Optics and Lamps.